Akshay Rajpurohit Successfully Completes Surgery That Will Turn Him Into A Synthesiser.

A Mumbai based musician has undergone dramatic surgery so as to turn himself into a fully functional synthesiser.

Akshay Rajpurohit, AKA Aqua Dominatrix who is known to be obsessed with synths has spent all of last year turning himself into one.

“Abbe yaar, I was spending too much money buying new gear every week man. So this was the most logical next step. A one time investment that will make things a lot smoother and cheaper in the future. Besides, I’ve always loved hardware and it was about time I turned myself into it.” Explained Akshay, who then went on to tell us that his fascination with synths first began a few years ago when he was mistakenly assumed to be a DJ while changing patches on his guitar during a Scribe show.

“I had been saving all my money from my gigs to buy myself a Shelby GT but I can always buy my dream car later because of all the extra gigs I’m going to get now that I’m an actual synthesiser.” says Akshay who has spent his whole life savings on the groundbreaking surgery. “Besides, if it doesn’t work out I can always rent myself out to studios for insanely high amounts.”

There have been mixed reactions from the public about Akshay’s transformation. Especially from people who don’t understand synthesis. He told us how he once had to spend a long time in the customs office at Mumbai airport when he was flying back from a gig. “I hate those customs guys. They kept me there for 2 days while they twisted my knobs and pressed my buttons.” He said, sounding a bit frustrated.

We’ve been told Akshay’s girlfriend is on board with the transformation as well. He questioned, “I mean, what is more sexy and pleasing to the senses than a synthesiser? Who WOULDN’T want to make love to one?”

When asked about his future plans, Akshay, who now prefers to go by the name “AquaTron-700X” told us that it won’t end here. He hopes to one day follow up with a surgery to install a PS4 into his body as well so that he may be able to play Gran Tourismo and create sick synth patches all at the same time.




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