Israel Decriminalises Marijuana, Manali Tourism Drops 80%

According to a proposal formulated by the Public Security and Justice ministries of Israel, marijuana has now been decriminalised.

This of course has had a knock-on effect on tourism in India.

A representative from the Ministry of Tourism in India has informed us that Manali and it’s neighbouring towns have experienced an almost 80% drop in tourism since young Israelis are now choosing to get wasted at home instead of buying a one way ticket to India. This effect is expected to be felt as far south as Goa and Gokarna too. We’ve been informed that hordes of Israelis living in India for the last 25 years have decided to pack their pois into their jholaas and head back to their home country. “There’s no weed need for us to stay here any more.” Says, Baba Ganoush, a 60 year old yogi, trance DJ and proffessional fire-poi spinner from Parvati valley.

We spoke to Ramesh Bisht the owner of ‘Shalom Cafe’ in Manali who says, “It’s all very quiet now. We relied on these kids for our income over the last 20 years but now it looks like we’re actually going to have to rely on selling food and drink  instead of Malana Cream. We’re also considering changing the name of the cafe to cater to the new market of Indian youth who are making their way here. We will be calling ourselves the, ‘Sick Fam Cafe’. That is a name that appeals to both, urban youth and domestic families on holiday. It’s also really annoying because now we’re all going to have to change our signs and menus back to english from hebrew.”

However the Ministry of Tourism in India has said that they will still be working with Israel to continue bringing their largest export into Goa and Manali. “We will make sure that there are still enough psy-trance DJs coming in to India so that kids everywhere can continue listening to annoying music while they’re getting wrecked on weak drugs.” They said.



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