Rana Ghose books a group of protesting women for the next REProduce Listening Room

While walking through rural West Bengal, Rana Ghose of REProduce Artists heard a distant rumble and clang of what he could only describe as, “the avant-garde sounds of the abyss”. He followed the darkness only to stumble upon a group of women protesting the rise in the price of onions.

“What I was hearing pierced straight into me and grabbed something from deep within. It was as if the aunties and me had all tapped into a collective, cacophonous consciousness. I knew I had to get them to play a gig at REProduce. This is exactly the kind of  angsty, raw, underground, stainless steel sound we are looking for. All they had were utensils and an anti-establishment agenda. Imagine what they could do if we gave them reverb, distortion and filter pedals to add to that and take it to the next level. This is exactly what the Indian music scene needs right now.”

“AuntyNoiz” as they have come to be called have been scheduled in to open at the next REProduce Listening Room and will perform alongside already established bartan bashers JESSOP&CO.

The aunties at AuntyNoiz are excited about their first gig outside of their village and have said they can identify with JESSOP&CO.’s musical ideals and cannot wait to join them in “helping people realise their unfulfilled dreams of achieving solidarity amongst their peer group by manhandling their knowledge regarding how music should be presented as a holistic fuckshow”

Since this is not the kind of music we understand we thought we should get an outside, expert opinion.

We got in touch with Josh Fernandez of The F16s who only had one thing to say, “This is just sad. Instead of destroying their gear they should have given it to someone in need of utensils.”




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