Music fan refuses to pay ₹ 300 at gate. Says he has to save money for the after party.

An electronic music fan in Mumbai was denied entry into a popular venue after refusing to pay the ₹ 300 entry at the gate.

Mumbai based lawyer and self proclaimed “nightlife enthusiast” Ankit Naakvekar told TNS outside the Bandra based night club that he wasn’t going to enter  if they asked him to pay the entry fee. “I know the guys organising this night, why should I have to pay for the entry?” He questioned.

Naakvekar’s friends all decided that they would pay the entry fee as the new trend was to “support” the artist who’s music they claimed to “totally vibe with” as they stood outside in the smoking area all evening.

However, Ankit had other plans.

“Look, this gig is going to end at 01:30 and after that we’re all going to be on the street asking each other, who’s doing what for the next one hour, until everyone ends up at someone’s house.” He explained. “I’m going to need to fork out at least ₹ 4000 on two separate occasions. Everyone knows you can’t have an after party without secretly spending half your wages on overpriced, shitty cocaine. What am I going to go to the bathroom and do every 20 minutes if I have only ₹3700 in my pocket?” He asked, seeming quite annoyed. “These venues need to start thinking about everyone.”

Bandra based stylist/sneaker collector Mritika Sha who was inside the club stressed, “he had better have the full amount at the after party otherwise he won’t be having any of my attention.”

Meanwhile, Ankur, the part time music promoter and full time after-party hoster claims the night didn’t end very well.

“Fuck ya, I told him to bring only one-two people. This fucker showed up with his whole crew man. This is not done bro. But, at least he had ₹ 4000”



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